If we decide to spend our holidays in Poland, we most often choose between mountains, sea or mazuria. Why? Apart from most of the statistics available in magazines and trade websites and thematic blogs, it is enough to ask your friends and family to find out the most common preferences and reasons. Calm, idyllic atmosphere, separation from the overwhelming city noise. Of the three alternatives mentioned above, we can find the most investment properties on the Baltic Sea. In recent years the most popular are apartments and condo hotels. Apart from pleasant and long-awaited for most of the year rest they offer high standard, beautiful views and beneficial iodine in the air.


Thanks to the increasingly common phenomenon of cultural diffusion, Poland is experiencing a real renaissance, visible especially in the tourism industry. Holidays on the Polish Baltic Sea have become an attractive holiday destination also for our German neighbours and tourists from England, Scandinavia, and increasingly often also from Japan and the USA. Such conclusions can be reached by monitoring the tourist traffic indicator, which for several years now has been showing upward trends every year. It is reasonable to assume that investments in seaside properties in such picturesque towns as Darłowo, Ustronie Morskie or Rogowo are not only a certain profit, but also a fast paying off investment.

Another undoubtedly important factor minimizing the risk of investments in coastal properties is the annual increase in salary rates and, consequently, in the wealth of Poles. More and more people choosing the place of their holiday leave are guided not only by the location, but also by the standard and high comfort of the rented apartments. Modern, spacious properties are currently one of the most attractive tourist alternatives to hotels and guesthouses.


It is no secret that the better the location of the object, the greater the interest in it, and thus the profits. If you are planning to buy an apartment that is to be a source of income from temporary rent in the long term, it is best to invest in properties that are slightly more expensive, but also more attractive for tourists. Important advantages will of course be the proximity of the beach, the city centre or monuments, but also cultural events and music festivals organized nearby, which will make your stay and rest more varied. The perfect choice will be the towns such as:

  • Hornwood, which is famous for its interesting events and festivals.
  • Ustronie Morskie is an excellent choice for holidays for the whole family.
  • Kołobrzeg allows for a peaceful rest in one of the 3 seaside parks.
  • Jurata because of her unique position.

The occupancy rate in the above and nearby seaside resorts during the holiday season ranges from 80 to even 100%. These results make them one of the most profitable places to invest their investment capital.


Once you have decided on your holiday destination, the next important choice will be to book your accommodation. It turns out that we are not indifferent to the size and style of the interior design. By far the most popular are cosy 2-room apartments, which attract attention with their stylish and modern finish and comfortable equipment. Investment in appropriate equipment will allow the landlords not only to feel at home, but also take care of their needs, so we can be sure that they will recommend the apartment to others, and they can become regular visitors.

Apart from the apartment itself, additional facilities facilitating logistics are very important, e.g. easy access, location close to the road, parking or a lift. A niche worth considering is also the adaptation of the accommodation base to the requirements of a family traveling with their pet. A garden or equipment facilitating holidays with your beloved pet will surely increase the attractiveness of the property and ensure a more friendly reception, which will not only reflect greater interest among guests, but will also increase PR.