The May weekend is a great opportunity for many to rest, regenerate, but also to explore and learn about new places. The Polish sea tempts and encourages tourists all year round with its advantages and beneficial properties, especially in the spring-summer period, when the temperature is good for hiking and relaxing in the open air.


The great advantage of organizing a trip to the seaside in May is the relatively low occupancy of accommodation facilities. As you know, the weather by the Baltic Sea can be capricious, especially in late spring, so there is a good chance that a perfectly satisfying apartment with a sea view will not only be available for a long time, but also slightly cheaper than later.

Moreover, in towns such as Rogowo, Kolobrzeg, Ustronie Morskie or Rewal, it is impossible to get bored even in unfavourable weather conditions. Both in the case of active and more lazy leisure, Rogowo and Ustronie Morskie are the definite favourites of the May trip. They offer a number of tourist attractions such as Western Park, rope park, Paintball, Aviation Museum, Zaurolandia, beautiful beaches and many cozy restaurants meeting even the most demanding expectations.


The May trip should be organized in advance. Although the occupancy rate is not the highest in this period, often lower prices than in the high season can make the most attractive offers go away in a flash. It's good to think ahead, what attractions you want to use and how you plan to spend your free time. It is also worth to answer questions before planning:

  1. How much do we want to spend on holidays?
  2. Where do we want to live?
  3. What amenities in a rented apartment are we interested in?
  4. What location will satisfy us?

If this will be your first visit to the seaside, it is worth considering an intensive visit to major cities such as Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. The multitude of tourist attractions and monuments makes it impossible to get bored there, regardless of the weather. However, if it is another visit to the seaside towns, a bit smaller, but definitely not less attractive places like Rogowo and Ustronie Morskie will be a more interesting choice. They offer the peace and intimacy that is missing in more crowded towns. Mayday is also a great time to discover new, more pristine beach sections, or secluded, picturesque places rarely visited by tourists.

When planning a trip to Rogowo or Ustronie Morskie, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the holiday will be slightly different from the high season. The first significant difference may be a smaller selection of catering establishments. A lot of restaurants operate only seasonally, so it is also worth to buy your own food and decide on seaside apartment rentalwhich will enable comfortable and convenient preparation of meals. Of course, both resorts have excellent restaurants, which are open all year round, but it is necessary to focus on a little less choice than in the case of a big city trip.



Since the May weekend is free time from school, many parents plan to spend it with their kids. Renting suitable apartments by the sea is a key issue. If the place where you plan to spend your holiday does not have suitable facilities, such as a playground or board games, it is worth considering another place or take more toys with you. The weather in May can be variable and it is difficult to predict under what conditions your kids will have to organize their free time. Here it is also worth mentioning as an example such places as Rogowo, Kolobrzeg or Ustronie Morskie, which have numerous playgrounds, amusement parks and attractions, making your stay in all weather conditions more pleasant.


A family holiday can't do without your beloved four-legged man. Fortunately, more and more hotels and apartments offer additional facilities for animals. This is a great advantage for families who do not want to expose their pets to many days of separation. Therefore, the search for your dream apartment should start with offers where the presence of your pet will be accepted, and then, it is also worth making a list of attractions and places where you can go with your pet without worrying about unpleasant situations. More and more restaurants and catering establishments also offer a pet zone, where every pet will be welcome.

Regardless of the form and circumstances, a Mayday at the seaside is a great way to spend your free time and relax, whether you travel alone or with your whole family.