Among the forms of short-term rental available on the Polish market, it is the apartments that have enjoyed the greatest popularity in recent years. Analyses of the real estate market allow us to estimate that the highest profits are generated by apartments located in tourist resorts such as Rogowo, Rewal or Ustronie Morskie. Profits are usually generated by apartment or condohitel type models.


According to the analysis of Polish opinion polls, more than half of Poles spending their holiday in the country will decide to go to the seaside. An interesting fact to note is the growing interest in short-term apartment rentals in recent years, and thus the decline in interest in standard forms of accommodation such as hotels or guesthouses. Short-term rentals are gaining popularity in Poland at a surprisingly fast pace.

The competition for the standard search of accommodation facilities such as guesthouses or hotels in popular Internet services has become the search for alternatives in the form of completely free space with its own kitchenette and bathroom, at a relatively low price. Many less popular websites or applications allow you to renting an apartment by the sea with a surprisingly high standard comparable to a four-star hotel, at a much lower price, even in high season.

No wonder that tourists wishing to relax during their holiday trips are more likely to choose comfort, their own private space and a competitive price, from the boring and repetitive hotel standard. Apartment rental also has a significant advantage in terms of flexibility for additional customer wishes such as unusual check-in and check-out times.


Of course, not every apartment will be able to compete with the many amenities offered by four or five-star hotels. However, it is worth remembering a few uncomplicated conditions, which will effectively increase the recognition, standard and overall attractiveness of the apartment.


It all depends on the form of stay and the assumptions about spending free time. The belief that we are only able to make a profit from short-term rentals in larger cities has become less and less clear. Of course, in a way this is true. The bigger the city, the more attractions, the more tourists. However, not all tourists will look for the city's hustle and bustle. Both the location in the city centre and close to wild areas full of greenery can bring considerable profits if we approach the subject of advertising and promotion properly.

Rogowo and Ustronie Morskie are great examples of seaside towns that meet the expectations of both the first and second group of tourists. It should be remembered, however, that green areas are not the outskirts of a big city covered with concrete, a few kilometres away from the centre. Such a location will unfortunately work to a great disadvantage.

Standard and equipment of the seaside apartment

When we decide to plan our holiday, we look for places that are not only well located, but also stylish, comfortable and modern. A clean, tidy bedroom, a renovated, modernist bathroom, a well-equipped kitchen and designer space in the living room are the key to success. Not only do the apartments give the illusory feeling of "being at home", but they do not limit our holiday possibilities in case of worse weather than the departure plan. For a hotel room with enough space to accommodate 5-6 people at the same time, in many cases you have to pay half as much as the apartment, which in its standard for such occasions often has a console and several games to play together with friends.

Facilities for families with children

If the hotel does not have a playground, a mini park with balls on the premises or, for example, mini golf, it will be difficult for a child to find a job in a boring hotel room, the space of which often limits the possibilities of creative and interesting play for the child. For this reason, among others, families with children are much more likely to rent an apartment that has much more space and often also a view from the window of a closed playground.

Facilities for travelling with pets

Although a vacation with a four-legged is an interesting and still gaining in interest, there are still far fewer hotels adapted to the stay of animals than apartments. Tourists who spend their holidays with their pets are more likely to look for apartments, they resign from displaying them already at the level of filtering ads on accommodation portals or by means of applications.