Whether you are a fan of lazing and sunbathing with your favourite book in your hand or an amateur of sports and physical activities, the Baltic Sea resorts are the best way to relax and have fun. Apartments overlooking the sea, charming restaurants, serving the best fish dishes in Poland, music festivals, as well as sailing, diving, kitesurfing, windsurfing and many other attractions will provide a range of unforgettable experiences for everyone regardless of age, interests or lifestyle.


Every physical activity is health promoting and regenerating, but it is not without reason that so many sanatoriums and rehabilitation centres are located by the sea. The reason is of course the high concentration of iodine in the air all year round. Iodine is an element that has a number of positive effects on our health. To take advantage of its benefits, all you need to do is take a short walk, cycle or simply relax on the beach.

Coastal resorts are also an excellent choice for allergy sufferers, for whom a change of environment during holidays is often associated with unpleasant health consequences. The air blowing from the sea is completely free of allergens. A great advantage of the Baltic climate is also its strengthening effect. Holidayers who are not used to the sea climate feel more energy and feel more relaxed, which further enhances the benefits of the holiday.

It is also worth mentioning the sea baths, which, due to the temperature of water, harden and firm, and the minerals contained in the water absorbed by the skin have rejuvenating and preserving properties.



No matter what we value the most during the holiday period - a peaceful holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city, full of wild expeditions along unknown routes, or a marathon full of all kinds of water sports after festivals and cultural events - there is always something for everyone by the sea. Also in the context of accommodation.

Guests, being more and more aware of the functioning of the tyrannical industry, are moving away from the choice of accommodation in hotels or guest houses. Short-term rentals of apartments with sea views are becoming increasingly popular year after year. This solution has many benefits, including space to be used as property, a fully-equipped kitchen, living room, as well as its own terrace or balcony with a sea view. All these elements support regeneration and rest during trips to the Baltic Sea.

A seaside holiday is always a wonderful view, healthy and fresh air and a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. It is worthwhile, come once a year, to break away from your duties and stress and for some time taste the real life on the Baltic Sea, where time goes much slower and calmer.