Rogowo is one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Poland. Thanks to its exceptional landscape values and unusual views by Polish standards, it has been enjoying a steady interest of tourists and holidaymakers for many years. Rogowo is an ideal place for everyone who wants to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while and take a breath of fresh air. The city offers a beautiful beach and numerous bicycle paths for holidaymakers.


Rogowo is a quiet town without noisy discos or nightclubs. Of course, that doesn't mean you can get bored in Rogow. If you manage to tame all the water attractions, such as kitesurfing or windsurfing, a holiday stay may make one of the biggest music festivals of the region more pleasant. "Suddenly by the Sea" is three days of entertainment and great fun to the accompaniment of the best music. If that wasn't enough, there'd be something else for history and militaria fans. In Rogów there is an exhibition of historic aircraft under the patronage of the Polish Arms Museum in Kołobrzeg. In turn, Fort Rogowo hosts family picnics and the "Star Truck" Military Truck Rally.


Rogowo has one of the most beautiful beaches on the Polish Baltic Sea. Moreover, the unique location between the sea and Lake Resko Pomorskie, as well as the location of the town near Kołobrzeg, make the apartments in Rogów not only secluded but also well located.

The prices of the Baltic Sea properties are increasing year by year, and the interest in holidays in the country is still growing. For investors who want to invest their capital in a certain business, this is a unique opportunity to enter the market at a relatively low cost. Moreover, Rogowo also has a number of additional facilities.

Good communication

During the holiday season, bus and bus traffic increases significantly, making it very easy and convenient to get to the selected destinations, even without your own car.

Beautiful, sandy beach

The village also offers holidaymakers a huge beach, full of dunes and a leveled coastline. The safety of swimming in the sea is supervised by qualified lifeguards.

Specific microclimate

The town is distinguished by a fairly high humidity for Polish conditions, so that it offers vacationers slightly more favorable temperatures than other seaside towns.

Apartments with sea views

Who wouldn't want to spend their holidays in an apartment with a huge window overlooking the Baltic Sea? Sunrises and sunsets and a romantic candlelight dinner would convince everyone to choose this kind of holiday.