Each holiday with children is primarily a pretext for spending time together, which during the school year is often very difficult due to the multitude of work, learning and responsibilities. This magical time, therefore, should be planned well in advance and with due accuracy. Holidays with both a toddler and a bigger child should be safe and interesting. There can therefore be no question of not being able to take advantage of interesting attractions, even in the case of bad weather.


In fact, there is no one universal answer to this question. A lot depends on the child's interests, character and disposition. However, whether you are going on a holiday in the mountains or by the sea, there are several universal attractions and facilities that should satisfy every little explorer.

Location - apartment near the beach

Unfortunately, children are not the most patient, so a good location of the apartment is very important. If it is located a short distance from the beach, this will definitely save you the problems and possible inconvenience of getting there.

Apartment equipment

When packing for holidays with small children, it is obvious that we cannot take all the necessary accessories with us, e.g. a cot, a feeding chair or a small bath tub. In such situations, the most important criterion that should guide us in choosing an apartment is its furnishings. When booking an apartment, it is therefore worth finding out what amenities are included in the basic equipment and what can be rented for an additional fee. In addition, if the children are small and it is necessary to take a pram with you, it is worth checking which floor the apartment you have booked is located on and whether there is a sufficiently large lift available.

Swimming pool in the centre

A swimming pool is always a pleasant facility for parents and a lot of fun for children, but safety issues should be paramount here. If you decide to choose an apartment with a pool, it is necessary to make sure that it has an additional, separate area for small children, as well as a suitably shallow entrance to the deeper part of the pool for older children.

Playground for children

Sandbox and swing is currently not enough to satisfy the appetite of the young explorer, so it is worth taking care that the apartment has a properly equipped playground. Numerous slides, rockers, as well as a properly prepared and separated area with lanes, obstacle course and a pool with soft balls is a big plus. It is worth checking whether there are also benches or deckchairs for parents and carers.

Bicycle rental

Fortunately, active recreation is once again becoming the best and most desirable form of spending a holiday. Apart from the possibility of renting bicycles in cities, hotels and apartments often offer such facilities on the premises, which significantly shortens the time of searching for a suitable rental company, as well as getting to it and completing the formalities, which have already been arranged with the check-in.


The Polish sea offers so many opportunities for relaxation that it is impossible to list them all. Świnoujście boasts some of the widest beaches in Poland, extensive bicycle routes and a lighthouse. Międzywodzie, in turn, boasts one of the warmest sections of the Baltic Sea and a shallow coastline. Dziwnów is an ideal place for those who like to cruise by boat and beautiful sandy beaches, and Ustronie Morskie boasts a beautiful landscape park and numerous attractions for those who like physical activity, among others because of the rope park and paintball park.

Each seaside resort tempts with its unique charms, so when choosing a place to relax, it is worth considering what additional attractions our child will be interested in, which he or she will most willingly use, thus guaranteeing a real holiday of dreams.