Holidays all year round, is that possible? Magical promenades, cosy cafés, sandy beaches and charming restaurants are just the beginning of the attractions that seaside resorts have to offer their residents. Whether you are planning a week-long trip or a permanent trip, Ustronie Morskie will not stop surprising you with its attractions and unusual charm. Discover 5 reasons to visit this picturesque place.


It is no secret that Ustronie Morskie is one of the most beautiful and located closest to the sea in Poland. It has about ten kilometres of beach to offer, as well as one of the cleanest sections of the Baltic Sea. Another noteworthy advantage is the unusual microclimate, which helps in the fight against respiratory diseases. This fishing town is situated on a steep cliff and tempts not only with its attractive location but also with a very popular landscape park, which for years has been luring tourists with some of the most beautiful seaside views in Poland.


Not every town can boast such numerous and unusual ways of spending free time as Ustronie Morskie. Everyone who, apart from more conventional attractions such as a cinema, restaurant or golf course, likes to feel the thrill, will not be bored here. Those thirsty for a bit of physical effort in the city's "wilderness" and bored with a standard gym, should find themselves in a well-developed rope park, whose attractions are enjoyed not only by the older but also by the younger ones.

For those who like a bit more adrenaline, Ustronie Morski has another ace in store for him, which is the increasingly popular paintball park in recent years. In addition to the game itself and the necessary additional equipment, the specially adapted square has obstacles to offer to diversify the fun and space for barbecue, campfire and camping site.


As every "holiday" town, there is no shortage of special attractions for the youngest here, and swimming and bowling alleys are just the beginning. Bored with contemporary everyday life, kids will surely be interested in the Western Park Education and Entertainment Park. Children will be able to learn about the culture and customs of cowboys, costumes from the era, tools of the Indians, and under the care of animators will experience an amazing adventure in the style of a real wild west. Of course, the adults will not be bored there either! The organizers took care of attractions for the whole family such as learning cowboy dance. An additional attraction is a travelling funfair, which stops in the city centre and enjoys its attractions until late at night, throughout the holidays.


Ustronie Morskie is above all a beautiful, charming and well-urbanised village. In addition to such obvious issues as well-organised public transport and the excellent arrangement of cycle paths, ensuring safety and fast travel, there are a number of other facilities to offer. All this allows you to move comfortably between such strategic points as school, shops, restaurants, the beach and tourist attractions. The complex of sports fields and the Helios Sports and Recreation Centre guarantee active recreation all year round. For those who like peace and quiet, Ustronie Morskie provides relaxation in the form of fishing to the accompaniment of singing birds and the noise of extremely clean water rich in the rarest species of fish in Poland.


The most interesting historical elements of the city are the Bread Museum and historic oaks. The open-air museum is a 19th-century log and thatch building, stylized as a 19th-century building. Of course, the interior is filled with machines used in the past in almost every household. You can find there mill wheels, reels and butchers. The place also provides an opportunity to participate in the bread baking process, as well as its tasting.

Ustronie Morskie is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages in Poland, allowing not only to relax but also to slow down the pace of life. Peace, balance and inner peace, if you feel they are missing in your life, maybe it is time to think about buying a house in Ustronie Morski?